Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Working For All The Muscle Groups

Visual Impact Muscle Building Scam
Focus on the so-called circle exercises, and he performed for all muscle groups in the style of a full circle, i.e. you through the whole list and only then, relaxes. Three days of different circular load contribute tremendous positive stress. For those who do not fully understand the features of circuit training: here every day of training is working all the muscle groups in the human. Complete guide for muscle building

First day

1) Thrust rod to the belt in the slope 1-2x15-20;

2) Bench press 1-2x15-20;

3) Leg press in the simulator (average production feet) 1-2x15-20;

4) Leg curls in the simulator 1-2x15-18;

5) Dumbbell bench press, sitting up 1-2x15-20;

6) Curls with a straight bar 1-2x15-18;

7) Extension arms on the upper block (rope handle) 1-2x15-18;

8) Coiling floor 1-2x10-12;

Second day

1) Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench (45 °) 1-2x15-20;

2) Deadlift 1-2x15-18;

3) Squats on the shoulders (sumo) 1-2x15-18;

4) are alternately curls with dumbbells (supination) 1-2x15-16;

5) narrow grip bench press 1-2x15-18;

6) Bench Arnold sitting 1-2x15-18;

7) Raising the feet or knees in vise 1x to failure.

The third day

1) Hack squats in the simulator 1-2x15-20;

2) Hyperextensions with an emphasis on the hamstrings 1-2x15-20;

3) Bench barbell up sitting 1-2x15-20;

4) Link the top block on the chest 1-2x15-20;

5) Reduction of hands on a crossover 1-2x15-20;

6) French bench with EZ-neck 1-2x15-18;

7) Curls with EZ-stamped on the bench Scott 1-2x15-18;
8) Lifting body with a straight back chair in the Roman 1x to failure.

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