Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Visual Impact Muscle Building - The Number Of Sets Varies From One to Two

Visual Impact Muscle Building Scam - As you can see, the number of sets varies from one to two. In fact, you will always need to perform two working sets; the only exception is the first cycle of training. In it you have to prepare the body for future load, which is why at the beginning, one working set will be enough. Between workouts should be at least 24 hours of rest.

Program for 2 days – split - Split assumes the usual manner for us to exercise. This is where you need to focus on so-called Pumping. Monitor this process can be a stopwatch that will pinpoint the exact time of rest (no more than 1 minute). All the muscles are divided into two sessions, which means that for 1 cycle (2 workouts), you will address the entire musculature. If you are recovering well and you have time, you should use the fitness center, 4 times a week. If not, then it does not matter, and the two times is enough. Musculation Impact

First day (chest, back, biceps, triceps)

1) Bench press 3x15-18;

2) Dips (chest version) 3x12-15;

3) Reduction of the hand in the crossover 3x20;

4) Dumbbell lying Pullover 3x15-20;

5) Close grip bench press 3x15-18;

6) Link the upper block to the chest 3x15-20;

7) Link to the horizontal block belt sitting 3x15-16;

8) Curls with a straight bar 3x15-16.

The second day (legs, shoulders, press).

1) Leg press in the simulator 3x15-20;

2) Leg extension in the simulator 3x15-20;

3) Bending the legs in the simulator 3x15-20;

4) Thrust rod to the chin average grip 3x15-18;

5) Lifting dumbbells hand through 3x15-18;

6) Dumbbell bench press up sitting 3x15-16;

7) Lifting leg raises 2x15-20.

Feature of this program is that with good recovery you can train 2-2 scheme, i.e. two days of training and two days of rest. Do not hesitate to search for suitable options for you.

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